Laurentian Chief Men’s Moose Hide Moccasins

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These men’s earthing moccasins can help you enjoy the health benefits of connecting with the ground beneath you. They have no synthetic material only soft leather soles. Please note, if you use these moccasins outdoors for Earthing, wear them on soft and natural surfaces such as grass and dirt.

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The soles are not guaranteed to last on concrete, asphalt or cement. You can also wear these men’s Native American style slippers indoors if you like a barefoot feeling as these will feel like a second skin. These men’s real leather moccasins are made of strong yet subtle moose hide leather in Cork Brown colour and they have added leather soles with the Laurentian Chief brand symbol of a Native American chief embossed on the soles. The vamp is hand-stitched and they have rawhide laces for tightening. The interior is genuine suede which feels amazingly soft and comfortable against your bare skin.


Laurentian Chief

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